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The arts are at the center of our culture and the heartbeat of our humanity. Within the Arts, we are often known as gig workers – in other words – freelance or independent contractors. We all share many concerns about our future – so with that in mind, a number of panelists have joined us in this public service for Arts Education & Entertainment where we take “gig” work seriously.

2020/2021 Season Announcement

We hope that this finds you, your loved ones & your community safe. During these challenging times, everyone at BLK BOX PHX wants to reach out and let you know that we are thinking of you. Like many arts organizations, we find ourselves navigating this “new normal” without much clarity or definitive direction. Yet, we are still striving and remain hopeful.

Our organization has been working hard brainstorming ways to keep programming moving forward. We have discussed various scenarios involving limited seating, smaller sized productions, and created budgets to match each scenario. While we can hope, and try to plan, we also understand that we simply have to be realistic. Each day brings more uncertainty and more economic hardship.

At this time, we will not be moving forward with a 2020/2021 season. Instead, we plan to continue to work diligently to strengthen our foundation by using this time to revitalize the organization and acquire the necessary financial stability.

We value every donor contribution, season ticket holder, and guest whose hearts and minds we touched with our art. As we strive to sustain our high caliber, quality product, we do not want to present anything inferior to our standards and artistic integrity during these uncertain times. We value theatrical ritualisms by acting as ambassadors of the theatre. We are creators, illusionists, and optimists. We know that we will move past this, and know that there will be a time to celebrate when we can share space & hearts again.

We are a collective of theatre artists & professionals and we must take into account the health & well being of those we create with and those we present to. Safety is always our first priority, and we must allow scientific data to lead the way. We truly care for our collaborative artists and our donors, audiences, friends, and guests that share and interact within our artistic spaces.

We have recently learned that we were unsuccessful in receiving any of the numerous financial relief efforts that we applied for as an organization. To those who contributed to our previous funding efforts, we are grateful for the disaster relief you provided. In the event that you are able to make a donation, we would be so very honored and appreciative.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed the future of Arizona’s arts community in jeopardy. This year the government is expecting a significant decrease in the budget due to the worldwide pandemic, however, the Arts are expected to take a 100% cut and receive zero dollars from the budget. Restoring state funding for the Arizona Commission for the Arts is an essential first step in restoring the arts in our beautiful state.

Please share this information and our request with others who fight to preserve the arts. We have hope for the future and are so very thankful for your generosity, open heart, and support of our efforts to achieve a sustainable new direction for 2021.

With gratitude,

~Daniel Davisson~
President & Producing Artistic Director

Our passion

BLK BOX PHX, a non-profit Valley theater, produces shows and events of cultural significance that are fun, interactive ways to learn about the artistic, social, and political forces that shape the creation of the arts.

We are devoted to showcasing diversity of work and talents. Join us for unique works that focus on artistry and versatility.

-Daniel Davisson, President & Producing Artistic Director


To provide local artists with a means of producing and showcasing their art and whenever possible, use local suppliers and businesses to support the community, building those relationships to promote diversity and inclusion.

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We’re looking for volunteers with benefits. Benefits include: Tickets. Opening night parties. Swag bags. And most importantly: our undying love and affection… also donuts.

"The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time."

-Stella Adler

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